Stuart Skalka | Zion National Park | $500

I have loved photography for over 45 years.  My aesthetic is to produce creative, offbeat, and engaging images.  This is especially hard to do with landscapes.  This photo, taken in Zion National Park, Utah, was taken with Kodak Aerochrome infrared film that, most notably, changes the color of trees to pink.  (If you want the technical info, I used a Nikon FM2, Nikon 24-85 f/2.8 zoom lens and an orange filter.)


But my background is not in the arts—I studied math, science, and computer science prior to getting an MBA. Professionally, I was a financial analyst who specialized in stocks.  But after I started working in finance, my interests shifted to art, politics and history.  I lived in Manhattan (New York City) for 30 years; over that time I took great advantage of the many museums in New York City and took a lot of photos of NYC. While I have not studied art, I have absorbed a lot of what I viewed in museums and art and photo books.


I have lived in Reno for four and a half years.  Prior to that, I lived in Southern California (Riverside) for a year.  In between Riverside and New York City, I lived in Las Vegas for two and a half years.  I love living in the West, which has inspired my photography a great deal. I have shown my work in San Francisco, Reno (including one solo show), Southern California, and Las Vegas (one solo show).

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