Open Call | Sandra Thompson Pevahouse | Rockies Reflections | $250 framed, $50 unframed

I don’t even remember my first camera – I’m sure it originally belonged to my mother, who was the “photographer” in our family. She chronicled my early days and those of her & my father and my brothers and sister. I do remember weekends where she and I would roam the hills and valleys near our North Alabama home and taking pictures as we went. At the age of 13, I borrowed money from my father to buy my first SLR, and from there my love for photography has never stopped. I am seldom seen without a camera in my hand!


By the age of 15, I was teaching basic photography classes to my friends and was named one of six national winners in the 4-H Photography program, winning a $1,000 college scholarship. Over the years, I have continued to learn and grow, especially in the area of landscape photography. I have entered and been a finalist and/or winner in several photo competitions around the Southeast.


Today I live in Greenwood, South Carolina. With the help of my husband and faithful “Sherpa” Tom, I have had the opportunity to travel to many beautiful locations in North America and Scotland, with beautiful memories of all. I am very happy to be able to share one of those memories with you through this show.

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