Open Call | Carson Barnes | Eleuteria Gregori Brioschi at 40, 1948, after Conti 6/26/18 | $1000 unframed, $900 framed

From her marble portrait in Milan’s cemetery; she died at 40 in childbirth.   The garden is in

Atlanta, from the 1920s.


I began painting at 8, in 1964, silkscreen printing in 1971, and serious photography in 1974.

Bodies, are mysteriously compelling. I worked with a few compliant, creative models in the 80s and 90s.  Working since 2014 with statues, t’s been my work since to find out who the forgotten women, models, and sometimes the sculptors, were, in many American and European cities and cemeteries. The womens’ stories are legion.  Many are heartbreaking.  Some are very, very sweet.

I work from my raw images in Photoshop on an iMac, using layers much as I ever did in photo screen printing but more precisely. I do the printing.  It’s my job to make with all the skill I can.

I moved to rural Georgia from California in 2012.  I doubt I’d have begun this contemplative work if I had remained in California; I see no end to it.


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