Director’s Award Finalist | Jo Ann Chaus | Sweetie & Hansom | each $500 framed, $300 unframed

Jo Ann is from and based in the New York area with a background in the fashion industry. Through color imagery she makes works that is layered, provocative, ambiguous and psychological in nature making visual that which she is thinking about deeply. In 2017 she self-published “Sweetie & Hansom”, a seven year project about the relationships between and within her family or origin. She has completed an edit for a new book, “The Other Side of Hazel”, exploring her relationship iwht herself and the multi-facetedness of that.


Jo Ann is an alumni of two one-year Track programs at ICP in NYC, 2013 and 2017. She has participated in over 30 group shows and continues to question issues related to relationships, life, loss, time and evolution of it, and the business of being human.

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