Michael Manning | The Dive | framed $900, unframed $750

Michael Manning is an artist and photographer with many years of experience as a visual storyteller. I photograph for magazines, schools, families and corporate clients. My approach to my work is grounded in my vision and self-expression. I studied at the Art Institute of Boston with David Ulrich, David was a student of the well-known photographer Minor White. Minor emphasized the metaphorical in the photographic process. The impact of those early studies and explorations have stayed with me as I seek out ‘what else’ the image is, what else can it be, can it say? This mix of metaphor and document still moves me today and so I push myself to find my own way of seeing the world around me. I’ve traveled quite a bit, making images on the road in cities like Havana, Cuba, San Francisco, New York, New Orleans and Paris. I was immediately drawn to the richness of life in New Orleans and made it my home for four years. I photographed there while also exploring the South and Southwest.

My images have appeared in the New York Times, the Boston Globe, Boston Magazine, Rolling Stone and the Boston Phoenix among other magazines and publications. My work has been included in gallery and museum shows and I have won several awards for my photojournalism and documentary work. An image of mine was chosen for a purchase award during the Danforth Museum biennial, New England Photographers 2005.

My published documentary projects include an inside look at the Greek Orthodox Church in Boston, called The Living Light; and the story of a close-knit group of homeless people helping each other survive in Boston, called La Familia: Life on the Street. I submitted work from this series to the Photographic Resource Center and was invited to take part in the show, DOCUMENT: Contemporary Social Documentary Work of Greater Boston. Six images from my work with Boston’s homeless were selected. New work being developed is based on my work with my own family, called In a Family Way. A new body of work called DoubleLand explores time and place in single images created by taking two images on the same frame within a moment of each other. In this way I hope to dig more deeply into landscape photography.

I am always excited by new projects whether it is photographing and documenting families and loved ones, making portraits or creating images for new corporate and institutional clients. I love the challenge of making pictures that tell the stories in powerful and interesting ways.

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