Ken Kurzweil | The Crossing | framed $650 | unframed $500

Ken Kurzweil was born and has spent his life living in the New York City area.  He received his BS and MA degrees from the State University of New York in Albany.  As a child Ken spent wonderful time in the darkroom that he and his father had built in their basement.  After a decades long hiatus from photography while pursuing his education, career and raising his family, he returned to photography after a 35 year career as a teacher.

Ken’s goal with his photographs is to translate the multisensory faces and places he sees into two dimensional photographs that reflect the emotions that he felt while capturing the image.   He is an award winning photographer who has exhibited both in the United States and Canada.   Over 100,00 posters of his iconic photograph of “The Bedford Oak” were distributed by the government of New York State throughout the world.

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