Joan Lobis Brown | Antidote #1 | $3000

Joan Lobis Brown is a photographer whose portrait projects highlight segments of our society that have been subjected to intense stigma. Over the last decade she has engaged her subjects to create collaborative portraits, taking these portraits both in public and private settings.

Her other photographic projects also focus on social and political concerns.

“ANTIDOTE #1” is an image from “Antidote” (in-camera compositions) -where the featured birds and their tweet and twitters — are unlimited by characters, free of errors, offensive to no one — and are just what nature meant them to be. Through observation and imagination, Brown blended the interior and the exterior, blurring the boundary between objects in the home and the flora and fauna in the garden.


This environment became the stage where she created an antidote to offset the chaos that characterizes the current political climate in the United States. She purposely crafted a world in which reality is overtaken by illusion and fantasy.


Brown’s work has been widely shown in exhibitions in the United States, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Africa. To date, since 2013, she has been selected for sixty-three international juried competitions. Her work has been published online and in print magazines, most recently in Zeke Magazine’s 2018 Spring issue.

Brown studied photography in the International Center of Photography, Advanced Studies Program. She has a BA, a JD and an LLM in law.



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