Jo Lynn Still | The Value of Zero | $350

Jo Lynn Still loves home more than anyone you will meet, and her connections to the South are deep.  Born and raised in Sandersville, Georgia, she continues to live there with her family.  Her love of photography is the impetus behind her knowledge of the art—she is self-taught and a self-directed emotional shooter.  The majority of her work is regional, and many of her photographs were captured a stone’s throw from her house. Her curiosity and heart-felt respect for people put her in the role of active observer of her subjects.  Although her photographs of southern landscapes are often void of people, they are known for transporting the viewer into the scene.  Her approach allows a connection with subject and viewer simultaneously. The subject teaches. The viewer reaches. Jo Lynn deliberately invites the viewer to connect.  Her portfolio of photographs is described as calm, illustrative, and happy.   You can see more of Jo Lynn’s photographs at

Jo Lynn Still’s photographs are gaining recognition through several sources including: John A. Bennette’s Southern Memories exhibition, Hanging with Mr. Bennette Blogspot, The New Yorker magazine’s Photo Booth, Elizabeth Avedon Blogspot, and La Journal De La Photographie.

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