Sandy Hill | Tomahawk Boy | $650 | unframed, $400

Sandy Hill grew up in several states, but spent most of her childhood in a small town in Ohio.  When she felt more than ready to escape she landed at RIT as a photography major with the good fortune to have an amazing teacher who introduced her to documentary and street photography. She felt like she finally had “found her eye” around her senior year and as this was back in the stone ages, most of her work was done in black and white film.


While she adored shooting like this, the real world of making rent stepped in and she found herself gravitating to news photography in Boston, MA., which was also a blast.



Most of the time.


Except maybe stakeouts.


Or when her editor yelled at her.


Anyhow, long story short, after having and raising two kids with her husband (an

Engineer–bless his heart for marrying a photographer), she finds herself returning to her old roots of street and documentary photography and is thrilled to be included in such an impressive group of artists.


She did win a few contests, here and there. But no Pulitzers. Sadly. But there is still time…


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