Anne Berry | The Lion Tamer | $650

Anne Berry is a photographic artist from Atlanta, Georgia.  Anne believes that photography contains the power to evoke empathy and that caring motivates action. Anne photographs primates in monkey houses of small zoos, mostly in Europe. Her project, Behind Glass, has been featured in international publications and is the recipient of numerous awards. It is included in museum permanent collections as well as in private, corporate and public collections. Anne’s new photographs explore themes and concepts from literature, especially from the works of Flannery O’Connor and T. S. Eliot.  Modern man exists in a material and technical world, separate from nature and cut off from the spiritual energy that surrounds him. Children and animals are closer to this primal, holy spirit. Through Anne’s photographs they communicate, through feelings rather than language, a nostalgic sense of the loss of this connection and a longing to regain it and nurture it before it is too late. –

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