Charles Allen Haynes | Kissing Statuary | Framed $750, unframed $500 | Edition 1:10

I go forth in search of images. Where they actually come from is a mystery to me. I know I’m prepared to see. I’m looking for something I’ll recognize. The construction is all about feeling, less about formula. A photograph is completely about the interest it generates, in me, hopefully in someone else. Each image is presented, as much as I can control the presentation, to be visually expressed without reference to any other.

As soon as I realized that I could communicate with photographs only a fraction of what I actually see and narrate almost none of it, I became content with the eclectic. The images I make stand on their own as orchestrations of line, texture, shape and color. They have no other meaning to me but they could mean anything to someone else.

I was born in Kentucky some time ago. BS from Western Kentucky University. MFA from Georgia State University. Lived in Atlanta 40 years.

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