Brian Kosoff | Stop | framed $2000, Unframed $1200 | Edition 1:20

I attended School of Visual Arts but left in 1977 to pursue full time work assisting professional photographers. I returned to School of Visual arts as an instructor teaching studio photography in 1983.

In 1976, at age 18, I started producing photographs on assignment for the Village Voice, that year I also had my first NYC solo photography show. I photographed on assignment for New York magazine at age 19, and my first national magazine cover assignments came a year later. By age 21 I had a photo studio in Manhattan.

I continued to produce photographs, mostly still life for advertising and editorial use until 2002, at the end of which I closed my studio and pursued my more personal photography, mostly landscape.

My work has been published many times and has appeared in over 40 exhibitions across the US.

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