The South x Southeast brand was founded 6 years ago to highlight the work of emerging, mid-career, and master fine art and documentary photographers in the American South. We began with South x Southeast photomagazine (www.sxsemagazine.com), an online magazine featuring exhibitions, interviews, articles, and books of and about photographers in the South. From there SxSE has grown into photography workshops (www.sxsephotoworkshops.com), gallery exhibitions (www.sxsephotoexhibitions.com) and e-commerce (www.sxseshop.com). South x Southeast Photogallery brings the virtual images to reality while wrapping bricks and mortar around our other products to create a complete package.

Nancy McCrary is the Creative Director and Founder of South x Southeast. With a career history in art, management, and niche magazines, Nancy combines her passion with her business knowledge to bring a well-rounded photography experience to new and established photographers.


South x Southeast Photogallery includes a 700 square foot gallery space, a 400 square foot salon/library , and an additional 400 square foot office/preparation space. We will host photography workshops, week-end seminars, lecture series, as well as new and diverse photography exhibitions changing every 6 weeks.

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Photography workshops are held each month and are published on www.sxsephotoworkshops.com.

Exhibitions are diverse. Ranging from solo shows of emerging to mid-career artists, and group exhibitions curated by industry professionals, our exhibitions showcase the best of photography today. Current and upcoming shows will be listed on this website.

Other events, such as 2-3 day workshops, weekend seminars, video and film screenings, photohikes, shoots, and salons will be posted here and through email. If you would like to join our mailing list please drop a line to nancy@sxseshop.com with your email address.


SxSE Photogallery is located in the corner storefront on the main street in Molena, Georgia, an hour and a half from midtown Atlanta, or an hour down a two-lane country highway from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. The GPS address is 6 Springs Road, 30258.


Molena sits in the Piedmont region of the state, a bucolic countryside in the foothills of the Appalachian mountain range. Please look through What Else To Do In Molena (in the menu bar above) if you plan to visit the gallery and our region.

South x Southeast photogallery was a natural addition to the South x Southeast brand. Once the magazine, e-commerce, workshops, and exhibitions were established they needed a good home – one where we take the most important part of this brand, the images themselves, from virtual to reality.



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